Pinarello arrives in Torbole

April 10th was an unforgettable day here at AktivHotel SantaLucia in Torbole LakeGarda, as we had the honor of hosting the DOGMA XC MEDIA CAMP. The event saw the presence of renowned journalists from all over Europe, gathered to test the new two-wheeled gems offered by Pinarello. The GardaTrentino A Dream Territory for Exclusive Tests
Pinarello arrives in TorbolePinarello arrives in Torbole
Pinarello's choice to set up the camp at AktivHotel SantaLucia, in the picturesque territory of GardaTrentino, added a touch of magic to the event. Participants had the opportunity to explore breathtaking landscapes while testing the performance and elegance of the new models.

History of Excellence: Pinarello's Heritage
Pinarello is not just a brand; it's an Italian icon in the cycling world. Founded in 1952 by Giovanni Pinarello in Treviso, it has built an impressive reputation for producing high-quality, high-performance bicycles. Its history has been enriched by collaborations with elite teams like Team Sky (now INEOS Grenadiers), which have helped to consolidate the brand's prestige on the roads of the Tour de France and beyond.

Innovation and Success: Dogma XC at the Center of Adventure
The Dogma XC, born out of collaboration with talented cyclists Tom Pidcock and Pauline Ferrand-Prévot, embodies the essence of technological perfection and high-level performance. Already champions of world victories in 2023, these athletes are now preparing for the Olympic challenge in 2024 in Paris, ready to showcase the potential of the Dogma XC to the world.

With one eye on the past and one on the future, the brand now led by Fausto Pinarello continues to drive innovation in the world of two wheels, promising unparalleled excitement for all cycling enthusiasts.

Thankyou Pinarello....It was an honor for us to have you here!
Pinarello arrives in TorbolePinarello arrives in Torbole
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