Environmental sustainability

When someone asks us, what is a holiday at the AktivHotel, the answer for us is clear:
enjoying nature while respecting it, dedicating yourself to your favorite sport, getting excited by a panorama, sharing moments to remember with the beloved ones.
We respect nature and try to demonstrate it with some choices that we have adopted over the years.


We provide our guests with 5 charging points for electric cars with type 2 connection:

  • 3 Tesla Destination Charger columns
  • 1 Porsche column
  • 1 charging station with three-phase current

The cost of charging depends on the vehicle type
and are currently at about 0.49 cents / kW

Charging is reserved for hotel guests only
As per the high increase of energy's costs, the recharge of EVERY MODEL OF CAR will be charged to the room bill. 



  • Since 2010 we have installed energy-efficient lamps everywhere
  • The hot water from the showers and the swimming pool is largely developed by our solar panels
  • The electricity we purchase comes completely from renewable sources
  • The swimming pool system is made by variable pumps for minimum energy consumption
  • New energy-saving thermal power unit
  • Isolation of the building for energy saving
  • Software and management optimization systems


Collection of rainwater for the toilets and for the irrigation of the garden and flowers
On the taps we have installed special reducers that allow to contain 50% of the water consumption
The pools are equipped with a regulation for the water replenishment


  • Use of recycled materials
  • Promotion of separate waste collection, also on corridors and in the rooms
  • Glass bottles and biodegradable straws to limit the use of plastic
  • Use of recycled paper in the offices
  • Limited use of single-dose packs in the room and / or on the buffet. (Unfortunately, the post-covid period will make us return to the annoying single-doses packs).
Attentions and Respect for the Environment

Attentions and Respect for the Environment

  • To encourage holidays by train, we offer a Shuttle service "from" and "to" Rovereto Train Station (free service for guests who stay at least 7 nights)
  • Charging points for electric cars (fee to pay).
  • Our furnishings have all been renewed by choosing eco-compatible materials
  • Cleaning of rooms only with eco-sustainable products.
  • Disinfection of environments with professional steam machine 150 ° C
  • We promote sustainable mobility in the area: e-bike rental, bus and boat timetables in our area and we are preparing to make City Bikes available directly at the hotel.
  • For years, we have been focusing on energy consumption and have only purchased class A+ appliances.
Food policy

Food policy

  • promotion of KM 0 products
  • Specific products for vegetarians, vegans and lactose and gluten intolerant
  • Selection of organic products
  • We prefer companies that follow environmental certification standards
  • Organic garden in Nago
  • Corner of aromatic herbs of our garden
How can you help us

How can you help us

  • Trying to avoid prolonged opening of the windows during the use of the air conditioning system
  • Avoiding unnecessarily water flows.
  • Reducing the load for the laundry service, therefore requiring the change of sheets and towels only when necessary.
  • No smoking in the common areas of the restaurant and in the rooms to ensure good air quality


  • For years, employees have been “taxed” by paying for the consumption of drinks or food at the hotel (purchased at 50% of the sales value). At the end of the year, the Rigatti family fills the 50% difference by paying the total raised to a solidarity project by the Alto Garda Missionary Group and Ledro.
  • Where possible purchase of fair trade products
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